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  • Imagine an effective and efficient government.

  • Imagine what we could fund if we eliminate wasteful spending.

  • Imagine if we contract out work to the private sector to reduce costs.

  • Imagine if we reward hard working taxpayers with a government that runs a surplus.

  • Imagine a more informed public who knows what’s going on and cares enough to get involved.

  • Imagine if our graduation rate was 90% of high school students and not 73%.

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Affordable Pensions

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Effective Education

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Efficient Government

For Effective, Efficient and Affordable Government

Kern Citizens for Sustainable Government is a local watchdog organization. Our goal is to be the opinion leader organization in Kern County, and be the voice for the general public. We want to inform and educate the public on issues facing Kern County that affect our economy and the efficiency of government.  We want to work with our local leaders to address important local issues and offer common sense solutions and see government run more like the private sector.

We are a non-partisan advocacy group.
KCSG is not a PAC and we do not endorse political candidates.


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Join the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library and Kern Citizens for Sustainable Government for an evening event to promote efforts to improve the quality of education in California.

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Latest News

homepage videoKCSG, in our quest to hold our public officials accountable, created a YouTube campaign that addresses the various issues that face Kern County. The first video, "If I Wanted Kern County to Fail" was modeled after Free Market America's video, "If I Wanted America to Fail."

Watch video here...

In the second video, "Imagine Kern County," KCSG asks viewers to imagine what could happen if Kern County is allowed to truly capitalize on all of our assets without overburdensome regulations or abuse of current regulations. We address some of the societal issues plaguing Kern: inadequate education, poverty, partisanship, etc. and ask, "what can we do to change this?"

Watch video here...